The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother

Heather Brown Electronicals

The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother V2 births a classic overdrive sound, perfecting that raw, yet velvety tone. The range goes deep and wide thanks to the Immaculator function, which allows you to control the transparency of the drive. Dial in sounds from vintage, Tubescreamer-like grit to a heavenly, transparent boost. The Blessed Mother plays well with others and often enhances other drives in the signal chain. Thanks to a supernatural combination of silicon and germanium diodes, the gain has a warm and sweet character to it, just like you would expect from God's mom. Separate treble and bass controls allow you to really tailor the feel to your liking, but this pedal’s speciality is its powerful midrange that can cut through no matter where on the neck you are playing.


  • Blend knob for added transparency control 
  • Drive, Treble, and Bass controls
  • 9v or 18v DC. (Center Negative)
  • 33mA draw


Customer Reviews

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Let God's Mom take you by the hand

This pedal is a work of art, both visually and with what it does for your guitar. Amazing drive, crunch, can and tasty lead sounds flow effortlessly when the Blessed Mother graces your guitar signal. Hail Heather, full of ROCK!

Mark Cartier
Fun pedal

Put it to immediate use with my setup (Pro Logic X) and was pleasantly surprised at the sounds I can get. Long live The Immaculator!

Thanks Mom

So happy with this pedal. A ton of variations and all of them great. Been finding the tone that I have been wanting easily and in lots of colors.
Love it

Jason Mc
Unique Drive Pedal

Got this about two weeks ago, and its been fun to explore. The combination of the Immaculator and the Bass/Treble controls that affect only the driven tone make it super unique and flexible. Have settled into a dirty boost sound that I can't replicate with any of my other pedals. Your mileage may vary, but can't recommend this enough.

Kevin O'Neal
What a MOTHER!

I LOVE THIS MOTHER! It’s by far my favorite overdrive pedal, love how it retains my guitar sound but applies just enough grit to give the proper attitude.