The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother

Heather Brown Electronicals

The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother™ V2 births a classic OD sound with power from the Most High. Her supernatural combination of germanium and silicon diodes generates a uniquely raw, yet velvety tone. She features an adjustable transparency function: The Immaculator. This lets you preserve or purify the sound's original grit to your liking.

The Mother is a splendid first stage OD or clean boost. She plays well with others, is true bypass, and has a powerful treble and bass control range. She takes 9v or 18v DC. And yes, her halo and heart light up…cuz God’s mom deserves it.


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Evan Leach
Joining the Always On Brigade

I've been questing for as simple a rig as possible. One guitar, one amp (gasp), and as few pedals on my board as possible. (I'm a simple guy with simple tastes.) The Blessed Mother has been a perfect fit!
I rarely need to jump from clean to dirty on the fly, so I just keep the Blessed Mother in my heart and Immaculate as needed.
Also, I know that the Quest for Tone should be immune to such considerations as visual aesthetics, but who doesn't love a lovely looking pedal on their board?
(As a side note, asking a Catholic school kid "What do you think of the Blessed Mother?" Well played, Heather Brown Electronicals. Well played.)
Love the pedal! Keep up the Good Works!

Michael Chavez
Glad I bought it.. I just keep it on and adjust to every song I play

I have a few Pedals but this is my go to for playing all the time. It is versatile and allows me to play almost all music with just a few adjustments. The quality is great and I love the blessed Mother concept- especially the IMMACULATOR . thanks

Michael Sorvari

The Blessed Mother

Patrick Johnson
It’s so close!

The pedal is great, and I love it! Build quality is top notch and it sounds fantastic. The only thing I’d say in the negative was I wish there was a bypass switch for the immaculator so that you could also do unblended dirt. But the pedal is so goooooood!!!!

Larry Bell
The Blessed Mother

Great service. pedal works as advertised; still making the tones. "The Immaculator" is a stroke of genius and great marketing. Thank you.