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The Blessed Mother

The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother V2 births a classic overdrive sound, perfecting that raw, yet velvety tone. The range goes deep and wide thanks to the Immaculator function, which allows you to control the transparency of the drive. Dial in sounds from vintage, Tubescreamer-like grit to a heavenly, transparent boost. The Blessed Mother plays well with others and often enhances other drives in the signal chain. Thanks to a supernatural combination of silicon and germanium diodes, the gain has a warm and sweet character to it, just like you would expect from God's mom. Separate treble and bass controls allow you to really tailor the feel to your liking, but this pedal’s speciality is its powerful midrange that can cut through no matter where on the neck you are playing.


  • Blend knob for added transparency control 
  • Drive, Treble, and Bass controls
  • 9v or 18v DC. (Center Negative)
  • 33mA draw 
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Customer Reviews

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Jon K.
A Standout Among OD Pedals

Very versatile overdrive. Was able to dial in many tones that worked for me & then switched amps only to discover so much more. I found that it worked best for me into a somewhat higher gain amp at a semi-clean setting; this pedal was able to warm up & tighten the sound so beautifully. No matter what I plugged it into though, this pedal consistently produced a nice velvety grit that is unique to all of the other overdrives that I own & the Immaculator knob just adds to that uniqueness. A beautiful design as well. Love the leds! May have to get another down the road to have one for each of my pedal loops...


I use this pedal to boost my Mesa Express plus head for brutal sounding metal music. It has all the bite you could want with an outstanding note clarity. I was using a JHS Screamer before and while I like that tone, I love this one. I was lucky enough to buy this pedal from my local guitar center!

Matt Chorpenning
I love this pedal!

This is the most dynamic pedal I have ever owned. The immaculator makes it really fun to play with blending my amp and the pedal effects, and, at any setting I have tried, it sounds AMAZING.

John Maher
Great Overdrive

The Blessed Mother is a great overdrive pedal. It really fits well with other pedals and is endlessly versatile. The “immaculator” clean blend gives you lots of options to dial in just the right amount of overdrive vs clean sound, and the separate bass and treble controls allow for lots of different tone options. It’s heaven on a pedal board.

william lay