The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother

Heather Brown Electronicals

The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother™ V2 births a classic OD sound - nailing that raw, yet velvety tone. The range goes deep and wide thanks to the Immaculator, which allows you to control the transparency of the drive. This enables you to dial in anything from a vintage Tubescreamer-like grit to a heavenly transparent boost. The Blessed Mother plays well with others and often enhances other drives in the signal chain. The gain (thanks to a supernatural combination of silicon and germanium diodes) has a warm and sweet character to it, just like you would expect from God's mom. Separate treble and bass controls allow you to really control the feel, but the specialty of this pedal is its powerful midrange that can cut through no matter where on the neck you are playing. It runs on 9v or 18v and is true bypass. 


-Full control over the transparency of the OD

-9v or 18v DC

-True Bypass

-Silicon and Germanium diodes give the drive a classic, warm character



Customer Reviews

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Makes all my other pedals look bad

Being Catholic, I was instantly curious about this pedal when I first saw a video review online. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it, and both the pedal and the story behind it is inspiring. The pedal build is very high quality, no cheap parts here, and the packaging it comes in is equally as well done. After finally getting a chance to play it, I am blown away by the tone and sheer number of sounds I can get out of it from my Tele. Having limited space on my pedalboard, I am using this as a replacement for my previous OD and Boost. The Blessed Mother exceeds what I could do with both of those pedals, and the footprint is small enough that I could fit another pedal back on, but I honestly don't think I'll need to. The drive is somehow smooth and gritty at the same time, and careful application of the Immaculator knob really makes the sound pop. The only problem is that it looks so good that all my other pedals look bad by comparison! And for some reason I feel the need to take my shoes off before using the stompswitch.

travis wright
Great sounding Pedal

This pedal rocks. Shipping was very quick and the pedal was nicely packaged for protection. I would highly recommend this beautiful look/sounding pedal.

Gary Caolo

Great pedal fits my style nicely.

Change your life

First off, felt a tremendous amount of Catholic guilt for not having it on my pedalboard. Now that it's on almost religiously (sorry for the pun), it's the most amazing, refreshing sound for me. EVERYONE should have this on their board it's that divine (another bad pun).
Never said this about a pedal…that's one beautiful looking pedal, before switching it on, every time, it makes me smile -- which transforms my playing.
Change your life with The Blessed Mother!!! Thanks, Heather Brown and her Electronicals. You're a legend!!

Kerr, Kevin
Fantastic Sweet Spot Overdrive

I've had my blessed for two years now, it's a perfect transparent overdrive. Goes small boost, to large boost. It's one of those pedals you just leave on all the time, never kick it off. Beautiful Tone