The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother

Heather Brown Electronicals

The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother™ V2 births a classic OD sound with power from the Most High. Her supernatural combination of germanium and silicon diodes generates a uniquely raw, yet velvety tone. She features an adjustable transparency function: The Immaculator. This lets you preserve or purify the sound's original grit to your liking.

The Mother is a splendid first stage OD or clean boost. She plays well with others, is true bypass, and has a powerful treble and bass control range. She takes 9v or 18v DC. And yes, her halo and heart light up…cuz God’s mom deserves it.


Customer Reviews

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Get the pedal!

This pedal will blow your mind, Forget about chasing after that old 808 or selling your right arm to buy a Klon, the Blessed Mother delivers!

Matthew Sweet
Heather’s got something special going on!

This Overdrive is fantastic, you hear the term Transparent Overdrive a lot but if you want to experience it & understand what it means you’ve got to check The Blessed Mother out but it’s not a one trick Pony so if you want to push your Tube amp to saturation Mom will give it the kick in the pants necessary! Check one out you won’t regret it.

I quite like mine

I’m big on delays, tremolo and fuzz. This pedal was a reach for me, I’ve never used a drive of any sort. This is my first, and I don't know what any others are like, but I’ll enthusiastically say that I love this pedal! There are many different sounds, all of them my Deluxe amp: Every setting sounds great. In to Orange Squeezer, to Blessed Mother, to T Rex Replicator, to Delta Trem and into the Fender Deluxe. I haven't put any of my fuzzes back on, Mamma’s got a brand new bag. If you design a tremolo or a delay, please put me first in line.

Evan Leach
Joining the Always On Brigade

I've been questing for as simple a rig as possible. One guitar, one amp (gasp), and as few pedals on my board as possible. (I'm a simple guy with simple tastes.) The Blessed Mother has been a perfect fit!
I rarely need to jump from clean to dirty on the fly, so I just keep the Blessed Mother in my heart and Immaculate as needed.
Also, I know that the Quest for Tone should be immune to such considerations as visual aesthetics, but who doesn't love a lovely looking pedal on their board?
(As a side note, asking a Catholic school kid "What do you think of the Blessed Mother?" Well played, Heather Brown Electronicals. Well played.)
Love the pedal! Keep up the Good Works!

Michael Chavez
Glad I bought it.. I just keep it on and adjust to every song I play

I have a few Pedals but this is my go to for playing all the time. It is versatile and allows me to play almost all music with just a few adjustments. The quality is great and I love the blessed Mother concept- especially the IMMACULATOR . thanks