The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother
The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother

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The Blessed Mother, just like the name would suggest, is equal parts unique and inspiring. The range of tones goes deep and wide thanks to the Immaculator, which allows you to control the transparency of the drive. This enables you to dial in anything from a vintage Tubescreamer-like grit to a heavenly transparent boost. The Blessed Mother plays well with others and often enhances other drives in the signal chain. The gain (thanks to a supernatural combination of silicon and germanium diodes) has a warm and sweet character to it, just like you would expect from God's mom. Separate treble and bass controls allow you to really control the feel, but the specialty of this pedal is its powerful midrange that can cut through no matter where on the neck you are playing. It runs on 9v or 18v and is true bypass. 


-Full control over the transparency of the OD

-9v or 18v DC

-True Bypass

-Silicon and Germanium diodes give the drive a classic, warm character

-Light-up halo


Customer Reviews

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Ay ay ron.
The best transparent drive available.

This is simply the best transparent overdrive available it can reach distortion territory but that's not the specialty..

I fit it in front of almost every other thing on my pedal board except a compressor.

Buy one.. it's well worth what she asks. My only complaint is the Halo and light up feature could be a little more vibrant, my halo is dim, lol.

Unto the idiot talking about buying a Freedman because of the demonstrator, the guy in the demo above can smoke you demonstrating any product anytime, don't be a dipshit.. and the Friedman box is a completely different type of product go enjoy that mainstream BS, you are missing out.

Not a good demo!

Terrible Demo . I’m buying a Friedman Dirty Shirley now!

Amazing tone, amazing service

Love this tone going into my tweed super! Pairs well with any of my other drive pedals too. Amazingly fast shipping!

A Sonic Treasure

I wanted one drive pedal to replace my stack of Ryra & Plumes. I mostly play indie, shoegaze style ambient rock. Tele into a Blackstar HT-40. A blend of cream and dirt that punches through my blanket of ambient noise. I run an early chain reverb Dark Star, multiple delays and echos and The Blessed Mother is smack dead in the middle. The chords chime through and when grabbing leads this pedal has just a slight fuzz undertone that gives lead lines sustain and crackle. I hit Heather with a lot of questions before buying and I was not disappointed. It’s a truly magical pedal and would be perfect for any player who runs a lot of wet ambience and wants the occasional dirt for accompaniment. Favored my Tele over my gold foil and humbucker guitars with it. I bet most find this pedal seems tailored for single coil

Raymond Weiss
Amazing pedal and customer service too!

The Blessed Mother is the first OD pedal I've bought in probably around 5-6 years and its easily my favorite OD pedal that I've ever used. At first I was wondering how the pedal would sound with a solid state JC-40 given most of the demos with it were done with tube amps, and I'm happy to report that it sounds amazing. Heather was also kind enough to let me exchange the pedal I got for one of the limited edition ones she recently put on reverb and sent it before I was even able to send the first pedal back! Fairly tempted to go crazy and just buy the other in order to stack the two together as they sound as great as they look. Thanks so much Heather!